The Jazz Democracy NPO was founded by Dimitris Vassilakis in 2018 to showcase how jazz as a universal language can teach us the way to develop dialogue in equal terms and communicate in a more humane, democratic and creative way.
The very first and historic presentation was at the United Nations in New York on April 30, 2018 to celebrate International Jazz Day.

The presentation of Dimitris Vassilakis’ vision was made possible by the invitation of the Permanent Delegation of Greece to the UN and with the patronage and support of the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Tourism, Greek National Tourism Organization, EKPA, International Association of Schools of Jazz, Isadora Duncan International Institute, International Journalists Association, Georgia Tech, Cincinnati University, Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce, Atlantic Bank.


In addition to presenting at the UN, Jazz Democracy NPO is the body that organizes international festivals, forums and educational programs.

Educational Projects:

In cooperation with important institutes and universities in Greece and abroad such as Athens University, Demokritos research center, National Technical University of Athens, Georgia Tech, Athens Science Festival, JD supports educational programs, seminars, workshops and innovation.

Dimitri Vassilakis “Jazz improvisation and AI interaction” performance examples at the Athens Kapodistrian University LabMat studio